Can I Wear Minnie Mouse Ears with Every Outfit?!

My answer: Unfortunately, no. Unless you went to Disney Springs like I did and wore them all day! I absolute adore my sequenced, Minnie Mouse ears and I might or might not be wearing them as I’m writing this blog.

Disney Springs, a place where shopping becomes a sport! Or what I like to call it, “Magic Kingdom for Adults” It’s one of my favorite shopping areas because of the variety of shops it offers, all while being submerged in Disney magic. There’s such a wide range of shops and restaurants that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy, so thank you D.S. for considering all kinds of people who visit. With the new expansion, that was made not too long ago, there’s even more things to look at, buy, and eat (shout out to Paddlefish for having the best crispy shrimp I’ve ever had in my life). Haha!


*photo taken on the second level of Paddlefish.


Now, onto my outfit and why I chose to wear it. Knowing that Disney Springs has a lot of ground to cover, I knew I had to wear comfortable items. For my shoes, I decided to wear my Reggae Multi Strap sandals from Sketchers. They’re weather resistant and it was the perfect sandal to walk in; my feet got tired after being in them for 5 hours (which is amazing). The sleeveless, black and white flower printed, swing dress was from the LOFT (XL). Two things– First, I’m about a 18/20, so the fact that I fit into an XL dress was great, but that means the dress runs a bit larger. I bought the dress in person, so if you’re interested in purchasing a similar dress, that’s something to consider if you were to buy it online. Second, I loved the dress so much, I bought the same dress in a different print! LOFT swing dresses are the most comfortable things you could possibly wear, all while looking fashion forward. I highly recommend that type of dress and the LOFT brand. My gray sweater is from The Gap Factory (got it for only $10 on sale). I wear this sweater so often, that I wish I would’ve bought all of the same sweaters in its available colors. It’s light, breezy, and doesn’t overwhelm an outfit, whether you pair it with a dress, blouse, or t-shirt.

If I had to point out anything about my outfit, it would be that my shoes didn’t go with my outfit at all. The reason I wore them was because I knew the kind of walking that I was up ahead. Being from Chicago, I could definitely repeat this outfit, but I would change my choice of shoes so my outfit looks more put together. Other than that, it was the best outfit to wear at Disney Springs. Looking forward to visiting again!



P.S.- Totally wrote this blog post with my Minnie Ears on. Then again, you probably knew that.



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