Introducing the Fashion Blog

Hi readers! Welcome to a new category I’m introducing to the blog: Fashion. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now, but I never felt that confident to do so until now. I’ve surrounded myself with supportive and encouraging people who gave me the idea to write a fashion blog. Now, this part of my blog will discuss topics such as: brands I like, the fun of putting outfits together, products I use, how-to’s, highlighting plus size fashion, and styling myself and friends.

How it all began– This year, people have been asking me where I would get certain items of clothing; whether it was at the mall, grocery store, and even church.  Additionally, my friends would send me texts of items they wanted my input on (so honored). I’ve been extremely humbled that multiple people have noticed my outfits and would want to know more about my fashion choices. So I thought that writing about my outfits in a public setting would allow friends, family and new readers to explore fashion with me. I am not a professional stylist, but that’s the best part of it all. There isn’t any pressure and I get to write about topics I want to write about. A little heads up, being “on-point” all the time is not really who I am as a person, so you won’t find that here. I’m just a regular, chubby, artsy, city gal who is sharing her fashion insights on WordPress. Haha!

For me, fashion is a way to show people a glimpse of personality and creativity; that’s what intrigues me the most about it. The way people can put prints, colors, and accessories together, is its own art form and I love and respect that. With that said, I just hope that I’m able to encourage women (especially my plus size fam) to have fun with styling and clothes! Additionally, that it’s possible to feel good and confident about yourself with any body type. You’re allowed to dress yourself up and feel beautiful. Whomever says otherwise, cut them out of your life and add them to your social media accounts so they can see how happy you are just being yourself.  😉

I am beyond excited to start this journey and to have all of you come along the journey with me.

With more to come,


P.S.- To my followers who are interested in my art history posts, I plan to continue to write them. Art history and my opinions on the topic is the reason why I started this blog in the first place, so to just discontinue that would just make my heart sad. Haha!



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