The LBD- Little Blue Dress

Before I write anything else, I wanted to mention that this post is not a diss to the original LBD. I live for black, chic dresses and they are my favorite to wear. With that said, this post is just to switch things up with the Little Blue Dress.

I wore my cobalt blue dress for my Mom’s birthday outing. We went to Cítricos, which is a restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Side note: I could live at the Grand Floridian and I would live content for the rest of my days. The ambiance, the customer service, and the smell! If Disney can figure out how to bottle up the smell of Grand Floridian’s lobby and make it into a candle, I would buy 20.

The dress: I bought it from a store called roz&ALI. To my surprise, it’s the rebrand/ extention of a place called Dressbarn (which most are very familiar with). I would usually go to Dressbarn to get special occasion dresses, but once I stepped into roz&ALI at Orlando’s Premium Outlet in Vineland Avenue, it was a breath of fresh air. From dresses to shorts to blouses, everything in the store was current and I could have easily see myself buying good quality pieces to make multiple outfits.

One of my biggest problem with plus size clothing is that (a lot of times) there isn’t a shape or structure to clothing items. Most plus size clothing is about comfort, which I get. Comfortable clothes are necessary in a wardrobe, but it shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Personally, I like items that flatter my figure, instead of putting baggy clothing to “hide” the fact that I have a tummy or rolls on my back. Regardless of what I put on, they’re going to be there. So, why not wear something that’s going to make me feel beautiful and confident about myself, rolls and all?

roz&ALI blue dress_1.jpg

roz&ALI offers women the best of both worlds. Their items are comfortable and chic and can make any woman feel happy in their own skin. When I tried on the blue dress on the first time, it fit like a glove. The laser cut details is what drew me to the dress in the first place. Little design details are what make dresses unique, so I’m always looking for those type of things in an outfit. Also, I am loving the cold shoulder trend this year! Seeing that the dress had that element, along with the ruffled sleeve, I was sold. More than that, I felt amazing in the dress! My black wedges with the black and gold bow accent are actually Crocs. Family and friends know about my love for Crocs, but I’m loving the fact that they are creating shoes that I can wear with multiple outfits. I honestly need more Crocs shoes in my life because of how cute they are and how easy it is to walk in them.

The funny thing is, I wore the dress the same day I bought it. That’s how you know I loved it. Usually, I save pieces of clothing I buy and I keep them in my closet until I know which day I’m going to wear them. With the little blue dress, that rule went out the window! From the moment I wore it, I had multiple complements come my way, which is always delightful and a highlight to my day. The best part about that, it was a conformation for how I felt in the dress; I felt confident, flirty, and put together. I strongly believe that people complimented me for exuding that emotion. Even if the compliments didn’t come my way, the way I felt in that dress was all I needed to make me happy.



P.S.- I bought a Size 18 in this dress and yes I wore Spanx. Ladies, we all know Spanx is the undergarment angel and that we all need to smooth things out from time to time. Especially in dresses. Haha!


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