Gotta Love A Bird Print

Before anything else, I understand that items of clothing with birds or animals isn’t for everyone. With that said, I used to work at a zoo and that made me love animals even more, so I don’t have a problem with wearing cute animals printed things. Matter of fact, my problem was that I had too many items of clothing with animals on them. Haha! Knowing that, it got out of hand and I had to cut down on the “animal printed clothing” tremendously. Although I don’t have as many animal printed items anymore, it doesn’t mean I won’t buy more. It just means I am more selective with my choice of animal prints.


Today’s blog post is going to be about an outfit I wore when the sun was blazing in Chicago. The dress I wore is a black summer dress, printed with colorful birds and flowers (bought at Old Navy). The dress was the perfect choice for a hot, sunny day because the material was breathable. It was heavy and it was absolutely comfortable. The black knit, overlay sweater was made by my friend Ms. Murillo. She has these amazing knitting skills that I wish I had, and I’m so glad I have this piece to pair with other dresses. The beige wedges are Crocs. Now, I’m fully aware I’m mentioning Crocs wedges again, but they’re seriously the best things ever made and I wish I had 20 pairs of Croc wedges. I highly suggest you go into one of their stores and try on a pair. It’ll definitely change the shoe game. Last and not least, my sunglasses. Found those Calvin Klein beauties at TJ Maxx and bought them for only $12! What a deal!

So, if you’re like me and you love clothing with animals on them, please comment below and let me know the best places to find those types of clothes and/or brands. I could use a chic, animal printed anything.





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