12 St. Beach

Yesterday, Chicago gave me the best gift: perfect weather. The sky was more blue than usual, the people were happier than usual, and the breeze was just right.

I wasn’t expecting to go downtown, but my sister needed to take some pictures for work. So, I grabbed my sandals, put on my sunhat and was on my way. Once we got to the beach, it was a dream. North Avenue beach is usually the summer hang out spot in Chicago, but it’s usually over crowded. 12 St. Beach is more private and I feel like people are able to enjoy themselves more at this particular beach.

While my sister was taking pictures, I just got to sit around and really enjoy Chicago in its’ entirety. Living in a big city, you’re always in a rush, so being able to look around and enjoy my beloved city, was refreshing.

My outfit: Thank God for Macy’s! For the new readers and for people who are getting to know more about me, I love Macy’s. I am an advocate and a constant shopper of the franchise. With that said, my blouse and shorts were bought at Macy’s. The hat I’m wearing was recently bought at Nordstrom’s, and my shoes were purchased at Famous Footwear.

It was a perfect beach outfit because at one point, I was covered in sand. Once I left, the sand didn’t stick on me. I simply brushed it off and I was on my way! Additionally, my outfit was light, breezy, comfortable, and fun to wear. Definitely will be wearing this outfit again and I will continue to shop at Macy’s (not sponsorsed, just a fan).